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(17-05-2012) An Italian journal Paradigmi will publish the article “Sigmund Freud and ways of talking about the unobservable – Romantic, positivist, Kantian, and vitalis aspects of the mental unconscious” by me, Juhani Ihanus and Timo Kaitaro.

I’m glad to tell that “The Foundations” (paraphrasing Grünbaum) or “Project” (Freud) came out just before eastern (please see the “books”-section below).
The IJPA article (written together with Juhani, the section “articles”) concerning neuropsychoanalytic metaphysics has aroused interest perhaps more than any other writing of mine: I have received several e-mails, and there will be three “letters to the editor” in the forthcoming number of the IJPA (and, of course, our response).
With Linda & Simon we have a project dealing with philosophy of psychoanalysis…

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Talvitie, V. (2012) The Foundations of psychoanalytic theories – Project for a scientific enough psychoanalysis. Karnac. Adolf Grünbaum‘s blurp from the back cover: “Talvitie offers a rich tapestry of issues on the foundations of psychoanalysis, which he treats in a versatile, sophisticated manner. The informed reader will therefore find his writing very rewarding.” Order from Karnac

Talvitie, V. (2009) Freudian unconscious and cognitive neuroscience: From unconscious fantasies to neural algorithms. London: Karnac Books. Order from Karnac

Talvitie, V. (2006) The Freudian unconscious in the context of the cognitive orientation. Doctoral Thesis presented on the 15th of September 2006. Helsinki: Digipaino.

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keywords: psychoanalysis, cognitive science, repression, repressed, unconscious, Dennett, neuropsychoanalysis, computer metaphor, artificial intelligence, neuropsychoanalysis, metaphysics, philosophy of mind

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